Your Questions About Finding A Summer Job College

George asks…

Unique Summer Job??

This summer coming up is going to be my last summer before going away to college, and I wanted to find a job that’s interesting, but also pays a lot. The best one I’ve found so far is tree planting…but I’m not too sure I’m cut out for that. Do you know of anything in Alaska (or anywhere else for that matter) that is different from any other job (not working in a restaraunt, and not being a nanny!!) and will pay relatively good?

I do have quite high first aid training…if there’s anything that can incorporate that it would be great.
I should add that I’m hoping to find a job away from home…so nothing in the community.

Mikey answers:

I don’t know how many swimming pools you can find in alaska, but first-aid skills + great summer job = lifeguard

Susan asks…

I am a college grad with a resume geared toward finding a teaching job but….?

this summer I am trying to find a lifeguarding job. Many places want resumes. What kind of resume should I bring with me? Should I just bring my most recent professional resume thats geared toward a teaching job….which also states my lifeguarding experience. Or should I make a new one and disregard the fact I’m trying to be a teacher too? Help!!!!!!

Mikey answers:

Fix the one you have to show up your athletic ability, cpr training, certifications, etc

Laura asks…

If I’m going away for 6 days in July, can I still get a summer job?

I’m a college student with no work experience, and I could really use some extra money for books, food, etc. next year. I’ve been trying to find a summer job, but I’m going away for 6 days in the middle of July (an aunt offered me and a friend 6 days free in a disney hotel, which would have cost around $1000 I think) and this seems to be getting in the way of me getting hired.

Is there anywhere that would be willing to hire someone with no work experience going away for 6 days? I can only take a summer job–I’ll be leaving home for college at the very end of August. I’ve been trying to stay away from fast food, but I would be willing to work there if I cant find anywhere else.


Mikey answers:

You can probably get a job in retail. Most stores hire seasonal employees.

When I was 17 and had almost no work experience (I had had 1 under the table job), I was hired at PacSun even though I was gone for a week in July.

Go to the mall and ask everyone if they’re hiring. If they are, apply! Don’t say anything about going on vacation unless there’s a spot for it on the application.

Sandra asks…

Summer job ideas?

I just finished my senior year of high school (yay!!) and I need to find a job this summer to make some money before I leave for college. Do you have any ideas as to where I should apply? What about places I should avoid? Also, I can’t stand fast food restaurants, so that’s out of the question.
I’m sorry, but WalMart sucks.

Mikey answers:

Try working at an animal shelter. It may give you some of the service hours that you may need to graduate also.

Or try going to the mall and working at footlocker or something like that, you would get employee discounts and a paycheck.

Thomas asks…

What are some summer jobs that require traveling?

What are some summer jobs that require traveling?
I am a freshman in college and I’m looking to find a job that requires travel next summer. Or a job that is someplace new.

Mikey answers:

The circus. County fairs. (: that sounds fun!!! Lol.

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