Your Questions About Finding A Summer Job Online

William asks…

I need to find a saturday/summer job! Help! (im 14) in UK?

Hey.. At the moment im searching for jobs i can do in my town (Great Yarmouth, Norfolk)
I am mature for my age and would like a job, so i won’t have to ask my parents for money every time i want to buy something.
I don’t really mind what type of job..
Just NOT online surveys, i’ve tried before and they bore me.

I’am going out with my brother(16) this saturday to search for a job,

Any places you recomend i could try? Thanks :) x

Mikey answers:

I congratulate you on your efforts to take the financial pressures from your parents and in an effort to be able to hold your head up with your peers, but please Katherine, as a young lady and therefore fairly vulnerable in this sad world of ours, please do not pay heed to the answerer that suggests you attempt to wash cars etc, You will be putting yourself at serious risk and there really isn’t that much money to be made as there are many Eastern Europeans already at that game.
As regards looking after children, if you should get a job bay sitting or in a similar field ensure that your parents know who the people you are working for, get them to escort you to and from the addresses. In the field of child care you must be registered and have a CRB check (Criminal Records ) from the police and as a young person of your age this isn’t really possible.
It may seem a harsh answer for you but please be aware that the rules in place are there for your protection.
Why not start at home, earn some pocket money by assisting your parents, relatives or nieghbours in jobs like shopping, washing up, exercising their dogs etc. But whatever you do – always keep your parents informed.
My best wishes in your search for independance and stability.

Michael asks…

part time summer job in las vegas?

i am 17 years old and i need a part time job really bad! its summer and most jobs are taken. i have been looking online and havent been able to find much. i am not picky at all. i love working with people and i have had 3 part time jobs and am experienced with cashiering and customer service. if anyone has any suggestions or info to help me out i would really appreciate it!

Mikey answers:

Try your city governement website to see what positions are open, if you know how to swim you could be a life guard or swim instructor

try resturaunts find theones you would like to work in, or the ones that say now hiring and apply there. You culd even try working for your local goodwill. Have you tried mall food courts yet, or airport jobs?

Jenny asks…

Where should I try to get a job? 15 years old?

Hey I’ve been looking around trying to find a job online and most places require me to be at least 16 years of age… Where can I work this summer (at a business, not mowing lawns or babysitting) that will let me work because of my age? I already opened an application to white castle but should I open another one to mcdonalds in case I don’t get called for an interview? Thanks

Mikey answers:

Im sorry,but 15, that´s really young, most businesses require you to be atleast 16 years of age, I would reccomend stripping but that might be a little too innapropriate to post here on yahoo answers, so my second suggestion would probably be something like market basket or shaws. Either way your going to be servicing people off the street so it really doesnt matter.

Mary asks…

So I’m 16, looking for a summer job…?

And I’m wondering, how do you do this?!
Searching online hasn’t helped me find any part time jobs for 16 year olds.
So what do I do? Walk into every other store on main street and ask “Are you guys hiring?”
Because there are like no Help Wanted signs around the businesses I see, but so many people I know have gotten jobs.
And a lot of typical things like summer camps are getting pickier about who they hire.
So how do I get a job?

Mikey answers:

Definitely just walk into places and ask for an application. Several stores even let you apply online. Just look around and see what your options are, and if there’s anywhere around your city where you’d want to work. Then just go fill out and application and wait. Goodluck!

Thomas asks…

bored this summer -i need help! i’m desperate! i find myself online too much.?

i’m also on a diet and i’m trying not to think about food. cuz what happens is i eat a big meal but then i see a snack and eat it. i’m not supposed to do that cuz it’s not healthy and i’m already full! and so most of my school year i would draw so now i’m sick of art currently. i already did summer hw for a class. i cant take a class though cuz they’re full. then i’m too young for a summer job and my mom wont let me volunteer or anything. my bro is teaching me tennis for an hour at night SOME days. i can’t go out alone. dont really have much friends-well i do but i dont think they would want to hang out with me. cant really go shopping since everyone is so busy. i’m trying to write a story but it’s not keeping me that busy throughout the day. also i cant really buy anything or go out.

i just want something/a hobby for a 13 year old girl to do(at home) that doesnt involve getting fat or making me a couch potato.
p.s. i will have to babysit but something other than that to do!

Mikey answers:

Play this game called lost it’s on

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